Yoga & Chill

To start off, today is World Mental Health Day. For about four years now, I’ve been battling depression and anxiety. Sometimes it feels like it took over my life and I wasn’t an individual anymore. There were a couple of traumatic experiences that led me to this point (we will get into that one day). But, just recently I decided to take my control back. I couldn’t let this toxic sickness take over my life anymore. SO! I took on yoga and was also selected for a Yoga Research study. The goal is basically to see if it can help those who deal with anxiety, depression and other mental health battles.

The study starts in about a week, but I thought I’d try beforehand on my own just to see. It’s been about two weeks now and I feel different. I don’t feel trapped anymore. The yoga I took on basically deals with our chakras and making them more balanced. With a few stretches and guided meditation, I finally feel like the old me.

I decided to do this instead of therapy because I just didn’t want to talk about my problems or past issues and not only that, it’s crazy expensive. Yoga was more ideal for me.

I usually practice in the morning or before bed and I subscribed to this youtube channel called “Yoga TX”. She’s awesome and it feels like she is in the room with me. I also have my diffuser going (it usually has lavender and tea tree oil mixed together).

But, in summary, yoga has definitely affected me greatly in the best way possible. I feel like I’m in the direction of really becoming whole again, more aware and present. I think you should give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Best of luck!

The unstable fempreneur ❤





One thought on “Yoga & Chill

  1. hello!i am happy that yoga heals your depression. i have also been fighting mine. Yoga and meditation is my daily medicine. Breathing correctly with awareness and focus on positive things. do what i realy enjoy.😊


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